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All services are available via face-to-face, online or telephone

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50 mins

For those 18 and under or any individual in full time education

Child therapy can be incredibly helpful in aiding children to process difficult feelings and deal with emotionally intense situations. Therapy should offer young individuals a chance to feel listened to, and provide the tools to manage challenging events which they may go through in the future.

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50 mins

For any individual seeking one to one therapy

 One to one therapy is a highly effective way to work through your personal issues. Individual therapy can help to manage stress and deal with a number of mental health issues, by altering thought and behavioural patterns. Sometimes just needing a non-judgmental space with an open ear can be enough reason to seek therapy!

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50 mins

For those looking to make positive changes to become the best version of themselves

Life coaching includes identifying ones values and creating goals in which align with these values. Creating a specific action plan tailored to each individual in order to achieve realistic and attainable goals. Life coaching can help with skills such as: time-management, decision making, organisation, career changes and personal and professional growth.

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50 mins

For couples striving towards a healthy relationship and resolving conflicts

Every relationship has its conflicts. Couples therapy sessions can help to develop positive attitudes towards life’s most complex and challenging circumstances. Improving relationships through healthy communication and empathetic understanding. Couples therapy offers a safe and open space to work through relationship difficulties.

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50 mins

For those looking to nurture change and development within a family setting through improving communication

Specific issues can have an impact on the entire family's functioning. Family therapy provides an opportunity for families to discuss matters and understand one another's point of view. Sessions can be utilised to provide techniques, in order to help family's resolve conflicts both in and outside of therapy sessions.